In the pasture, on the rail or
supporting their community, the Rayl family is
always building it better.

Building Better Beef

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Today, Rayl Angus Ranch is an Angus cow-calf operation managed by Brad and Jolie Rayl. Our goal is to raise seedstock for the commercial beef producer that retains ownership, who require cattle to grow efficiently and yield carcasses that fit a value-added marketing system. The bulls are marketed at Gardiner Angus Ranch sales. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer help us optimize genetic traits of economic importance.

Building Better Agribusiness & Rural America

Brad spent more than three decades in the insurance industry, helping clients protect their property and manage risks. In 2006, Brad became the founder of Kansas Ethanol, an 80-million-gallon ethanol facility. Anyone involved in livestock production recognizes the nutritional value in the ethanol by-product, distillers grains. Today, Kansas Ethanol and its subsidiary, KE Feeds, produces high protein nutritional products for cattle, horses, and deer. Another subsidiary, Kansas Protein Foods, produces textured vegetable protein products.

Building Statewide Pride

While serving on the Kansas State Fair Board for 21 years, Brad and the team of board volunteers were instrumental in lobbying and securing $29 million to renovate and improve the Kansas State fairgrounds. He also helped establish the Grand Drive, the Kansas State Fairgrounds Foundation, and the Wall of Honor. Brad joined the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation in 2016.